I STILL LOVE H.E.R. Monday 03/24/14 feat. DEVILLA & ILY ROSE!

I Still Love H.E.R. is a booking/entertainment company created by LadyGemStar & KickAssAlyssia dedicated to the love of hip hop and its elements through the feminine experience. I Still Love H.E.R. hosts a monthly event in Chicago where the four elements are represented by featuring a variety of Chicago female DJs, MCs, Breakers and artists. We want to create a platform and raise awareness to the importance of the feminine contribution in the hip hop community in Chicago, as well as in its culture.

This month we bring you bring you performances by DEVILLA THA DUCHEZZ & ILY ROSE. Music this month will be provided by our guest DJ FRESH 83 & our resident DJ RHATED R! We will feature art by ALIA JHANE.


Devilla Tha Duchezz is from the eastside of chicago. 74th and blackstone to be exact. Also a native of the rosenwald located on 47th and Indiana. At 15 years old she gave birth to a baby boy. Four months after the birth, her son's father was murdered. When she was 16, another tragedy interrupted Devilla's young life. Her mother was also murdered. Two tragedies less than a year apart can break down the strongest person. Plus, she was a victim of domestic violence. Guess its true what they say, "What can't kill you will only make you stronger" . Devilla Tha Duchezz is proof of that.

At 16 years old she joined the Ill State Assassins. A hip-hop crew of talented emcees, producers, Dj's etc. She broke down female and male emcees in rap battles. On the streets of the Chi, she did what she had to do to survive. Hustling is nothing new to Devilla. She did it because she had to, not to write a song about it. Truth be told she is one of the few people off the Chicago streets that lived to tell their story.

Since 1994 she has collaborated on songs and projects by Tha Chamba, EC Illa, New Sense of Psychodrama, The Ill-State Assassins, SSMG, and many others.

Her new E.P. entitled T.I.F.F.A.N.Y.S next thing smoking from Devilla! Make sure to stay tuned.


Rapper, Songwriter, and Poet from Bellwood, IL! 21 years old. Performed in many places in the Chicago area. Single "Onenight Stand" has been number 1 4 weeks in a row on wgci's timbuck 2. Currently working on a series of mixtapes called Queens Collection.

Music will be provided by our guest


Chicago native DJ FRESH '83 founded SoulFresh Entertainment in September of 2010, and quickly garnered a notably diverse following. Translating her innate musical talents into sounds that the world can move to, Fresh has accepted invitations to spin for events for private clients and prominent promoters at some of Chicagos HOTTEST venues such as VERTIGO SKY LOUNGE, THE FOUNDATION ROOM (House of Blues Chicago), Red Kiva and is a periodic guest DJ for the celebrated 'I Still Love Her' monthly women's hip hop showcase at Subterranean Nightclub. Fresh is now infiltrating online radio (University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago State University, E3 Radio, Tweak Central Lounge Radio) and held down weekly set during the Spring at Columbia Colleges' WCRX.FM. Outside of the club and online radio scene, Fresh holds a position of co-creator of the Black Culture Connection, a grassroots organization dedicated to spotlighting local talent, fashion, local businesses, and youth enrichment; primarily within the African American culture. You can also catch her spinning live at The Black Culture Connections artist exhibition every 1st Sunday of the month. Fresh has the ability to blend all elements of music, from hip hop to soul, all forms of EDM to funk with a skillfulness for creating swank remixes and edits that manage to convey a spectacular unorthodox precision. You can catch her spinning live throughout the city at local clubs and events Or tune in for a host of premixed selections via soundcloud.

and our resident


Rhated R tried rapping and after realizing there was a lot more to rapping than met the eye, she gave up all hope at becoming a rapper. She later co-hosted a college radio show for a short period of time. While attending college, Rhated R interned for several major record labels. She eventually landed at THE pioneering hip-hop label. At the time, the music industry wasn’t ready for the music download craze. Unfortunately, it cost a lot of people their jobs and Rhated R was a casualty to a series of layoffs. Still having feelings for her first love, she took a chance on love again and rekindled the love affair…this time from the DJ booth!

Art showcased this month by ALIA JHANE

"I am AliaJhane. A Multi-Media Visual Artist, Artrepreneur (Entrepreneur) including SoulFree PeaceMic (PeaceCircle/OpenMic) and Positive Spirit “P.S”(T-Shirt Line), FeMcee (Female Hip-Hop Artist) known as Idiomatic, Abstract Film Creator (Heart of an Apple 2013), and Art Educator of Mixed Media since 2012. 1994 Taurus and rose in the Heart of the South Side, Hyde Park, Chicago.

I have been a self-taught artist since 2005 by practicing Japanese animation characters. In 2008, I was introduced to painting in Spanish class with Ms.Miazga at Canter Middle School. Later in 2010, I was enrolled in A.P Art at Kenwood Academy with Matt Milkowski, and then attended to Joshua Johnston Fine Arts & Design Charter School having Mixed Media Art with Gwendolyn Pruitt in 2010-2012. During middle/high school at Canter/Kenwood Academy, I dealt with students and family negatively speaking on my non-existing sexual experiences, mild verbal/physical and forceful sexual relationships, drugs and drinking, and failed to attend school. These events caused me to feel depressed about my identity, reputation, and worth, also feeling discouraged about my artistic/academic abilities and who I wanted to be. During this occurrence, I was constantly seeing a student counselor, writing in a journal with poetry/songwriting, painting abstract pieces that reflected my inner emotions."


We will also have open dance floor for all the B-girls & B-boys the building!

**$5 drink specials and also new food menu available**

This event is brought to you and hosted by LadyGemStar & KickAssAlyssia




Come build with us.

See YOU there!!!


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