The Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago Event for the 86th Oscars will be held on March 2, 2014. at RED KIVA.

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We will also begin the search for this year's Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago Oscars Fashion Award 2014. Fashion designers will be chosen to show one design for this award, so please register and leave a comment below that you wish to enter.Gloria Dattulo Hafer aka Gloria The Hat, RCC's Society Editor will Produce and Direct this annual affair.6PM to the end of the Oscars reporting will be Gene Chang and staff from Hollywood, along with Adel Shaw and team from Chicago "Covering Hollywood During The Oscars".Felicia Apprey-Agyare and Alexis Sharice Normin in Chicago will be Red Carpet Correspondents with Sandra Smith-Doghmi and Adel Shaw in Hollywood. They will then collaborate with our Hosts Michelle D Ivy and Harold Dennis.Michelle D Ivy and Harold Dennis will share our media news with the public during the event. They will be styled by Chicago Designers as they interview and provide information with the team from Hollywood.Rochelle Arjmand, our Executive Vice President will be in charge of public relations for this event for up to date insider news.Creative Director is Khadija Mua-Model and will assist designers and models coordinating them to the program.Marisa Baldwin Woodhouse, RCC's Fashion Broker will be in charge of vending for the event.Magnolia Diamond will be Fashion Coordinator for Designers and Models preparation.The staff of Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago and Chicago photographers will pay a lot of attention to fashions and who is wearing whom. So, when the doors of this years event are opened, the attendees for the 86th Oscars® Event will discover haute couture by Chicago fashion designers creations. The 2014 Fashion Award will be given to a designer for Best Gown.