Talk Hard is a live, uncensored late-night talk show that runs every Friday at midnight at Chicago’s ComedySportz Theatre. We have a staff of writers that were specially selected from Chicago’s world famous comedy scene, as well as a handful of remote writers who submit jokes from locations outside of Chicago.

Each week, our show features a topical monologue, sketches, and desk segments. We also feature an interview guest, a stand-up comedian, and a musical act in each show. Our guests have included WWE wrestlers, famous comedians, private investigators, sex shop proprietors, master chefs, morticians, and more!

The live show has been critically acclaimed. The Chicago Reader named us the city’s “Best Sketch Troupe” in their annual “Best Of” issue. The Chicago Tribune referred to us as “a mashup of comedy from Chicago’s finest humorists,” and Quip Magazine called Talk Hard “Chicago’s freshest variety show.”


Talk Hard is a great show. It’s one of a large number of hidden gems within Chicago’s comedy scene. Right now, the only way to experience the show is to be there live. An audio podcast will allow us to showcase our writers and performers to a much larger audience. Many comedians and writers learn their craft in Chicago, but eventually have to move away in order to be noticed by audiences and the entertainment industry. We believe a podcast will allow us to help our own staff, as well as our guests, gain broad exposure without having to leave the Windy City.

Plus, we’re really proud of the show. We create a brand new hour each week, and would love to have something concrete to show for the work. We’d like to be able to share the experience of the show to everyone - even those who can't be there in person.


Plain and simple – we will be spending all donations on quality recording equipment! In order for us to create a high-quality podcast, we need equipment that will capture the environment of the show. Our show is live, so we need to be able to capture all of our guests, performers, and the audience. Here is a specific breakdown of the purchases we plan to make:

- Macbook Pro (for recording, mixing, and date storage) - $1050

- Zoom H4N Sound Recorders (2) - $540

- Blue Yeti Microphones (to record audience and guests) (2) - $200

-Lavalier Microphones (2) - $100

- Projection Screen Adapter (to run live show) - $20

- SD Memory Cards (4) - $60

-USB to XLR Cable Adapters (2) - $30

- Service Fees and Web Hosting - $200

TOTAL = $2200

Any funds that we make over our goal will allow us to purchase better model microphones, better set pieces (right now the Talk Hard desk has a wheel that falls off every week), and Talk Hard merchandise which will be available to the public.


First of all – our audience! Each week, we’ll be releasing the audio of the live show for download on iTunes absolutely FREE of charge.

This is also beneficial to the Chicago comedy scene as a whole. Each week we’ll have a stand-up comedian and musical act. Most of these guests will be local, Chicago-based performers. Their performances will be available to audiences nationwide, providing exposure outside of the Chicago area.

Our staff of writers and performers will have their work showcased each week to an audience much wider than just those who attend the live show. As the show continues to expand its audience, our staff writers and performers also expand the possibility of getting other industry-based jobs. Your donations literally help in the possibility of making people’s dreams of becoming full-time comedy writers come true.