theWHOevers - Need Somebody

Directed by Stefan Klapko DOWNLOAD "Ridin' Waves" FOR FREE: LYRICS: J. Arthur - What be the motives// Runnin' thru your head She got it open…, I got to know if She want me there// god damn Flow like the ocean// cum come commotion Fuck that I'm goin... Fuck that im zonin' Fuck that it's Hopeless Fuck that's a Bonus Hooked like a Goldfish Old dog with new Tricks Rushed in so Foolish So round of applause And watch the lights flash Walking away from me, haaaaahnn with that tight ass// You got me good did it good, make a muthafucka feel strong// Only thing I don't regret, I had you naked with your heels on// haaaahnnn You gonna need somebody Bitch you gonna need somebody Gotta I like that shit I gotta like that DotKom - What was he thinkin, what was she thinkin/ When they hooked up, both of them playin/ Both of them lie, both of them cheatin, Dosage of violence trustin nobody/ He too cocky, she too busy gettin her party on/ Look good but all they really do is argue, pop pills, just chill and be zombies/ Insecure was the curse of them models/ Looks kill they was killin from sorrows/ Forgot how to love somebody/ Stone cold from the past was their problem/ Couldn't get the light in their right mind never good enough/ Love was blind through their sunglasses coverin their eyes/ Cloud nine more like cloudy sky hovering their lies/ Bye bye sweet bitter bite sweet bitter bite/ Women no cry, men no die from their ties/ Cold night when they both decide that they had no fire/ Ha, like you got it like that theWHOevers: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Soundcloud: